Right Weight Forever


Lose fat mass without even noticing. With this method, you can lose from five to fifty pounds in the right amount of time, without dieting, by simply motivating yourself, regardless of willpower, deeply and forever. Use your conscious and unconscious minds and become a Naturally Thin person, harnessing the intrinsic ability to learn and change that lies in each of us to lose weight.

Whoever follows The Right Weight Forever method becomes a Naturally Thin person, first on the inside, then on the outside, for the whole world to see. You don’t just lose weight, you return to your normal, healthy weight naturally, unconsciously and forever!


18 Chapters explaining the method and the techniques to apply

  1. Introduction 4:53
  2. Naturally Thin people 5:00
  3. The conscious and unconscious minds 4:27
  4. It’s not your fault, it’s because it’s available 3:15
  5. Love yourself now 4:02
  6. Working on various fronts 4:02
  7. The exposure principle 2:38
  8. NLP 2:04
  9. Start with your stomach 3:53
  10. The fulness scale 2:46
  11. Eating in slow motion 2:07
  12. Slow eating 2:38
  13. The language of the unconscious mind 4:13
  14. Your internal dialogue 3:47
  15. Constructive questions for losing weight 4:39
  16. Believing to lose weight 3:27
  17. Visualizing to lose weight 5:29
  18. Stop… doing that thing 5:51

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